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Vaimo 80 Heavy-Duty Flat-Clinch Stapler, 80-Sheet Capacity, Red/Brown
Vaimo 80 Heavy-Duty Flat-Clinch Stapler, 80-Sheet Capacity, Red/Brown
Manufacturer:MAX USA CORP.
Part Number:HD11UFL
Unique mechanism cuts stapling effort by more than 70%. Clean flat clinch finish allows papers to stack evenly and neatly. One touch open to load staples, front loading mechanism. Adjustable lever for throat depth (1 ¼). Lightweight and compact. One staple size for 2 to 80 sheets. Uses MAX NO.11-80 staples. Stapler Type: High Capacity, Flat Clinch; Staple Capacity: 100; Size of Staple Used: 3/8"; Type of Staple Used: Heavy-Duty.
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(1 Results)

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